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  • Smart Scoop bird feeder and filling feeder

    Smart Scoop Bird Feeder

    The Smart Scoop bird feeder is a seed scoop and feeder in one. Simply scoop, hang, and twist open the feeding ports.

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  • For the love of birds ...

    Premium crafted suet cakes with more of the ingredients birds love. All natural. No dyes or artificial flavoring.

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  • Chicken Treats Labels, Cages, Pointing Chicken Graphic


    A great snack! Blended with mealworms and key nutrients for healthy feathers and egg production.

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  • Blue and yellow bird eating mealworms on a branch

    Mealworm Seed Cakes Available!

    They'll love you for it!

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  • Save the pollinators!

    Get your bee colony started today with our full line of products.

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