CC-CW2G: 2-gallon Chicken Waterer


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A chicken waterer, a simple device with an important purpose: keeping debris from being kicked or raked into your chicken’s drinking water while being difficult to tip and spill. Heath designed a gravity-fed waterer so the more the chickens drink, the more water comes out. It’s easy to fill and you have the option to hang it so your flock can’t easily tip and spill it. Heath's 2-gallon chicken waterer is made in the USA from recycled poly. You can leave it on it's own, on the ground, or hang it from the attached hook. The base twists off to easily fill it and clean it out.
  • 2-gallon capacity poly container
  • Twist base
  • Made in the USA from recycled materials
  • Molded top handle can be used as a hanging hook
  • Leak-free design
  • L x W x H - inches: