Heath CC-CD2G: Poultry Drinker Automatic 2-gallon Plastic Chicken Dribbler with Four Cups


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A chicken dribbler, simply designed for an important purpose: keeping your chicken’s drinking water clean and making it easy for them to drink as needed. Heath designed a gravity-fed dribbler with 4 ports. Water comes out only as the chicken drinks from it. It’s easy to fill and you have the option to hang it so your flock can’t easily tip it over. Heath's 2-gallon chicken dribbler tank is made from recycled poly in the USA. You can hang up or it sits on its own on a flat surface. The base twists off to clean and refill it.
  • 2-GALLON CAPACITY: tank holds up to 2-gallons of water, keeping your chickens easily hydrated             
  • LESS WASTE: 4-ports for chickens to drink from and water comes out only as the chickens drink, they only take what they need and there’s less waste or possible spills
  • EASY CLEAN: base twists off for to make easier to clean and fill when needed
  • MADE IN THE USA: translucent poly tank is made from recycled materials
  • LEAK FREE: base and tank screw together creating a leak-free seal
  • HANGING OPTION: molded top handle can be used as a hanging hook so your chickens don’t tip it over and you have more ground space

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