Heath 2601: Infinity Auto-fill High-capacity Outdoor Bird Feeder


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Infinity Feeder: a high-capacity platform-hopper feeder hybrid.

We combined the best features of a platform bird feeder with the large capacity of a hopper bird feeder in Heath's patented Infinity Feeder. As the birds eat, the outer box drops down allowing the inner base to rise, maintaining a level feeding surface. With a 360-degree view, birds feel safe and the roof acts as a guard. Because it holds up to 5 pounds of sunflower or larger seed/nut mix, you'll fill this feeder less often, allowing you to enjoy your birds longer. 
  • Holds up to 5 pounds of sunflower or larger mixed seeds & nuts
  • Patented design keeps see level consistent
  • 360-degree view lets the birds feel safe
  • You'll fill the feeder less often and enjoy your birds longer
  • Seed level indicator shows when it is time to refill
  • Great for bird watching

Heath Infinity Feeder Video Link