Heath 21811: Metal Mesh Coffee Pot Outdoor Bird Feeder, Authentic Antique Finish


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Add a fun feeder to your yard with Heath’s coffee pot mesh bird feeder. Designed to hold larger seed blends, striped sunflower, shelled peanuts or halves, pumpkin seeds, whole kernel corn, and fruits. These seeds and blends attract a variety of songbirds including cardinals, jays and larger birds. For both perching and clinging birds. The antique finish with a ‘metal camp mug’ style give this feeder a rustic look so it’s perfect for your yard or as a decorative piece. The top of the feeder has a metal bird with the hanging change attached. Unscrew the bird from the top lid to remove the lid to quickly fill it. The mesh allows for drainage and the rim around the base holds seed in, unlike a full mesh feeder. Holds 1 to 2 pounds of seed, nuts or fruit based on your blend.

  • Coffee pot design: classic coffee pot with spout with an authentic antique finish and ‘metal camp mug’ style it looks like it belongs in classic camp setting; with a decorative bird on the lid; add it to your yard to attract multiple birds or as a decorative piece in your home
  • Attracts a variety of birds: perching birds will love the rim around the base and clinging birds can hang underneath or on the sides of this feeder; attracts jays, cardinals, robins, and a variety of large and small songbirds  
  • Designed for larger seeds, nuts, and fruit: mesh style holds larger seed blends with items such as striped sunflower, shelled peanuts or halves, pumpkin seeds, whole kernel corn, and fruits
  • Metal construction: weather-resistant, powder-coated metal with a mesh bottom and 360° sides; deep metal rim around base to hold seed along the edge; plastic free construction and metal hanging chain attached
  • Easy fill and maintenance: unscrew the decorative bird at the top of the feeder to lift the lid; large opening to easily fill with seed using a scoop and without a funnel; hang from a pole or Shepard’s hook with or without a baffle or it sits flat to use a ground feeder; easy to clean mesh and can be sprayed with a hose or washed in the sink

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