GK-WPK: Gamekeeper Cedar Woodpecker House – Made in the USA


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Woodpeckers help the environment by keeping trees healthy from insect infestations. Drumming is the pecking you hear and is unique to each species and also used during courtship. Woodpeckers are another cavity-nesting bird and there can be competition when looking for a place to nest. Mount a Gamekeeper GK-WPK to allow woodpeckers to easily nest. The opening is designed to fit the bird and it has front access for easy cleaning.

  • Woodpecker approved: woodpeckers prefer cavity nests and there can be competition when looking for a nest
  • Made in the USA: handmade in Michigan from weather-resistant cedar
  • Designed for woodpeckers: cavity-style, front access and the opening is made to fit woodpeckers
  • Mount above ground: 5-6 feet above ground, facing away from wind and storms


Weight (pounds) 4.1
Length (inches) 8.75
Width (inches) 7.94
Height (inches) 15.63

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