GK-WDH: Gamekeeper Cedar Wood Duck House – Made in the USA


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You’ll see a male Wood Duck at its brightest when it’s ready to attract a female and mate and you can recognize it year-round by its red eyes and bill. For a female, you’ll notice the white ring and “eyeliner” around its eyes. Fall to early summer is breeding season and these birds love cavity nests. Gamekeeper’s GK-WDH fits Wood Ducks through breeding and nesting. The slanted roof and ventilation/drainage holes keep the interior dry and comfortable. Ducklings also have a ladder installed on the inside to help them easily climb out when they’re ready to leave the nest. The side and bottom panels open for access. Made in the USA with weather-resistant cedar.

  • Preferred by wood ducks: cavity-nests are preferred and ducklings have a ladder built on the inside to help them climb out when ready
  • Breeding season: fall to early summer
  • Designed for comfort: slanted roof and ventilation holes to keep interior dry, side and bottom panels open for access
  • Made in the USA: handmade in Michigan from weather-resistant cedar

Dimensions - Assembled (assembly required)

Weight (pounds) 8.9
Length (inches) 13.88
Width (inches) 10.0
Height (inches) 24.0

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