GK-RBN: Gamekeeper Cedar Robin House – Made in the USA


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Robin’s love to nest in branches, your gutters or open spaces within architecture. There’s an abundance of robins in the spring, and year-round in some areas. Free up your gutters and eaves and let robins have their own nesting space. Open concepts work and Gamekeeper’s GK-RBN house has front access for the birds and for you. Made in the USA with weather-resistant cedar.

  • Give robins their own space: robins love gutters, open spaces in architecture and eaves
  • Found year-round: robins are popular in many areas year-round, not just during nesting season and they may come back year after year
  • Made in the USA: handmade in Michigan from weather-resistant cedar
  • Check regularly: these birds prefer the open concept with an open front so you can check the nest regularly without disturbing them
  • Mount above ground: at least 5-6 feet above ground


Weight (pounds) 1.85
Length (inches) 10.5
Width (inches) 6.38
Height (inches) 7.56

PrintWarning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.

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