GK-BAR: Gamekeeper Cedar Barred Owl House – Made in the USA


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With a distinct “hoot” and it’s appetite for rodents, Barred owls are not only enjoyable for bird watchers but as natural pest control for your yard, garden and farm. Offer them a place to stay with Gamekeeper’s GK-BAR, designed for Barred Owls. The roof opens for easy cleaning. Made in the USA with weather-resistant cedar. Choose an open site, with some scattered trees and mount directly to a pole, about 5-6 feet above the ground. Space your houses about 200 feet apart to reduce territorial conflict.

  • Designed for Barred Owls: enjoyed by bird watchers and they’ll take care of rodents in your yard naturally
  • Made in the USA: handmade in Michigan from weather-resistant cedar
  • Easy clean: roof opens for cleaning as needed
  • Easy pole mount: 5-6 feet above ground, open site, at least 200 feet away from other houses


Weight (pounds) 7.2
Length (inches) 11.38
Width (inches) 10.75
Height (inches) 22.5

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