GK-B2: Gamekeeper Small Cedar Bluebird Nesting Box – Made in the USA


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Bluebirds prefer roosting in a cavity, like a nesting box. Gamekeeper’s GK-B4 is a larger house and the side opens to easily clean inside. They’ll add brush, needles and grasses as nesting materials and stay throughout the colder months. They prefer clean nests so you’ll want to check it regularly. Made in the USA with weather-resistant cedar. Choose an open site, with some scattered trees and mount directly to a pole, about 5-6 feet above the ground. Space your houses about 200 feet apart to reduce territorial conflict.

  • Preferred by bluebirds: small cavity-style nesting house so bluebirds can add brush, needles and grasses
  • Use in colder months: fall, winter, and early spring during nesting season
  • Made in the USA: handmade in Michigan from weather-resistant cedar
  • Check regularly: front opens to easily clean and do a nest check, bluebirds like a clean space
  • Easy pole mount: birds prefer the open area, 5-6 feet above ground


Weight (pounds) 1.9
Length (inches) 6.19
Width (inches) 5.5
Height (inches) 19.3

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