21810: Pie in the Sky Platform Feeder


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A pie fit for the birds! They'll love the options you can fill Heath's Pie in the Sky feeder with. It easily holds a half-pound of mixed seeds, nuts, fruit or mealworms. Twist open the lid, fill and screw back into place. The lid locks in and is designed like a lattice crust with plenty of places for birds to reach their beaks into. The picnic blanket cover acts as a baffle while the bolt holds it in place above the feeder. Hanger hook is included.

  • Fun pie shape with lattice crust
  • Holds 0.5 pound of mixed seed, nuts, fruit or mealworms
  • Easy twist to lift off crust and fill, lid locks into place
  • Picnic blanket top acts as a baffle

Pie in the Sky Assembly Instructions