GK-CRD: Gamekeeper Cedar Cardinal Nesting House – Made in the USA


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Cardinals are bright, symbolic birds and they’re in the top list for birdwatchers. These birds prefer open nesting versus a closed box. Gamekeeper’s GK-CRD has front access for easy house maintenance. Along with this open house concept you can add nesting materials and protective shelter to your yard to attract cardinals. Made in the USA with weather-resistant cedar. Mount above ground and spaced from houses.

  • Preferred by cardinals: top of the list for birdwatchers, the open-house design attracts the bright, symbolic cardinal
  • Made in the USA: handmade in Michigan from weather-resistant cedar
  • Check seasonally: front access for cleaning and general nest checks through the season
  • Mount above ground: cardinals prefer being higher and not too close to their neighbors to reduce conflict


Weight (pounds) 2.15
Length (inches) 6.19
Width (inches) 6.88
Height (inches) 11.75

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