21705: Flipside Suet Cage


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Two ways to fill!

21705 in use - Flipside Suet Feeder
Stack 5 cakes on top of one another
Cakes drop down as the birds eat them
Birds are able to cling from the bottom
Feed on a single cake at a time


21705 - Filled Upright - Flipside suet feeder
Place 4 cakes side-by-side upright in the feeder
Birds are able to cling to the bottom and eat
Able to feed on 4 different cakes at the same time

  • Perfect for woodpeckers and other clinging birds
  • Cover easily comes off to fill
  • Locking mechanism to keep out pesky squirrels and critters
  • Hang 5 to 6 feet above ground
  • Wash regularly with warm, soapy water


Weight (pounds) 1.75
Length (inches) 7.0
Width (inches) 7.0
Height (inches) 8.0

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